ClassroomAPP's mission is to be the complete digital platform to cost-effectively solve all our teachers' and leaders' teaching needs.

We aim to achieve this mission by leveraging a modular application structure, using the most effective technologies available, listening to stakeholders to make fast improvements, and by adopting an aggressive testing posture to make sure it works, all the time.


All of our servers are hosted on Amazon AWS (both US and European instances based on school locations). Auto-scaling allows the servers to grow horizontally (i.e. as demand increases we spin up new servers automatically).

A real-time monitoring system alerts us in advance of any issues (low disk space, too much CPU usage etc.). Our SLA is 99.95% uptime -- that's less than 0.03 second of downtime per hour!


Inherent in our mission is to be platform-agnostic (e.g. ChromeBook, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux). As far as permissible by the target platform we aim to achieve 100% of the feature-set in each platform.

This prevents vendor lock-ins for districts. As you decide on a new platform, you simply mix them in your clasroom and ClassroomAPP takes care of the rest.


We understand that your district or school has history and institutional culture. A tool should not have to enforce its way, but be adaptable. A key part the modularity in our mission statement, is that it allows us flexibility in customizing to meet your goals. Like anything requiring customization, a conversation with us is in order, so don't hesitate reach out to discuss.


We are focused on making ClassroomAPP future-proof. We know technology, and don't just jump on the trends bandwagon. But when it makes sense, we implement it quickly (e.g. AI, facial logins, advanced reports etc.). Just check our roadmap.


1-833-CLASSRM1 (1-833-257-7761)


US: 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958