We are an EdTech Cool Tool 2019!

By Ramez RaflaMarch 29, 2019Share  


We are very proud to have been selected as a finalist for this year's EdTech Awards in the Classroom Management category. The actual winner is not a classroom management tool per se (more like a social platform) so we don't feel that bad :)

First Timer

What is significant in my opinion is that this is the first year we apply. We didn't have much documentation when we applied months ago, we were too focused at the time on some key strategic initiatives in the international market. It is a signal for us that our hard work is aligned with market needs, as I expect the judges are used to seeing almost the same products year after year and liked our 'new' ClassroomAPP.

Old Features

Warning: I am gloating a bit

When we applied to the award months ago, some key features were not publicly advertised (such as having an offline server in schools -- as far as we know, we are the only platform offering that). And yet, we got a positive nod from some of the leaders in EdTech and schools. Can't wait for next year's award when we come with an even stronger offering.

We are working on AI predictive analysis, integrating more content into our built-in library, online caching in offline servers to account for weak internet, integration of facial recognition into school security cameras and our long-awaited SIS (aimed first at private schools / charters then larger public districts).

Henceforth ...

We continue to be committed to offering schools, teachers, students and parents the best platform they can imagine. We have more in the pipeline (check out our roadmap). When it's all done (if ever) we hope to have a complete single platform that servers ALL school and district needs. Dream big!

Thanks for reading and please don't hesitate to reach out to chat, brainstorm or share ideas.

Ramez Rafla
Ramez Rafla is the CEO and founder of ClassroomAPP. Having completed a B.Eng, M.Eng as well as an MBA, he considers himself a lifelong learner. When he is not causing too much trouble in the company, he enjoys spending time with his wife and playing with his three kids

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