Courses & Workspaces


Courses & Workspaces are the foundation of your classroom and content. They are (1) the top-most containers of other content types, and (2) where we register students and members.

While a Course is linked to a an actual Classroom (and can be rostered automatically from your School Information System), a Workspace is a private work area for students (and teachers) to create and share their own content.

Top-most Containers

A Course and a Workspace can contain all other types of content. To create nested content, courses and workspaces can contain Groups where you can customize membership. Groups can also be nested (i.e. you can create subgroups to infinite levels). You can read more in the Groups article.


  • Admin: An Admin can make any changes to the container. Specifically, only the Admin can add / remove members, change member roles.
  • Edit Edit roles allow members to change the content. For example, you can add content, rename content titles, add Wiki articles.
  • Read This is the default role for students, who only have read-access to child content (unless visibility affected as shown in the next paragraph).

Student and Parent visibility

A course admin (i.e. Teacher) can hide content from members and / or parents.

  • The blue toggle button hides the content from all members, including those with Edit rights (course Admins will always see the course even if it is hidden).
  • The green toggle button allows you to hide content from parents.

Use Cases

  • Content not yet ready to be shared with classroom - Students Off / Parents Off
  • Classroom information and events to be shared with parents only - Students Off / Parents On
  • Content only visible to students - Students On / Parents Off

Parent Access and Privacy

This discussion would not be complete without a note about student privacy. Parents accessing the Application can only see private information relating to their students. They can't see other student private information (including email addresses, grades). For instance, if you allow a parent to access a test or homework, they will see their student's answers (and grade if you enable it in the Test settings).

Course vs. Actual Classroom

As Courses (and their groups) contain members, they are the starting reference points for your digital classroom: 1. You can add content 2. You can control your classroom real-time from My Classroom.

Course students can be provisioned in two ways, via SIS or Codes as explained in the article about Rostering.


Workspaces are private spaces for teachers and students to organize their work. As a general rule, they are not visible to anyone else unless you give them access (e.g. via codes).


This was a short article to introduce the top containers. Courses are key for your teaching activities. We strongly recommend you go through the Content Wizard and read about Groups.


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