Introduction to Classroom


ClassroomAPP is a unique application in its pedagogical philosophy. We designed ClassroomAPP to first manage the teaching and learning in the digital classroom, then, as an extension, manage hardware or content. The application structure is centered around in-classroom teaching activities.

The rest of this article will cover the main features of the digital classroom with ClassroomAPP, other articles in this series will dive deeper into each functionality. We strongly recommend you use the built-in Wizards in ClassroomAPP which will provide hands-on training to the most common tasks.

My Classroom

When you login as a teacher, you will have access to the 'My Classroom' Panel. This is your dashboard for all classroom activities. We should also mention that the Application is context-sensitive. Depending on where you are, you will have additional classroom features (such as forcing students onto applications or websites) showing up as a footer at the bottom of your screen.

You also have access to the classroom via the orange 'plug' menu button which shows you what options are available to you

Contextual Bottom Menu

The bottom menu for an instructor will change depending on:

  • If you are within a course or not: If you are within a course, ClassroomAPP knows which students you are currently teaching, allowing you to control and monitor their devices
  • The state of your classroom, connected vs not-connected: If your classroom is not connected you will see a connect button, otherwise you will see classroom control buttons
  • The content you are currently viewing: Content can be sent to students (e.g. website or resource) while other functionalities are only for the current user (e.g. 'My classroom' panel, Codes etc.)
  • If you are in content that is hidden from students (see more on this in the control article) you cannot send it to them


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