Kiosk Mode


A kiosk app is an app that 'takes over the device'. In other words, students cannot exit from it. ClassroomAPP was designed to function as both a normal App (that can be closed) and a kiosk app that provides all the needed functionality (including browsing and firewall / site filtering).

An advantage of this method is that students do not to look for the App on their dashboard /desktop to start it (on most devices), they can start working right away and connect to the teacher automatically.

Note: The remainder of this article is destined for the technology folks.


Setting up ClassroomAPP as a kiosk requires you to enable it as a Kiosk in your Google Admin dashboard. Next time students log in they will get the app launched automatically (i.e. will skip the standard Google login in favor of ClassroomAPP login).


The Android version of ClassroomAPP comes in 2 flavors, a regular non-kiosk mode (this is the version teachers would use or non-kiosk students) and a kiosk app that locks down the device. As the kiosk app take over as soon as it is launched (or the device restarts) we provide the binary (APK) to schools directly rather than through GooglePlay to avoid issues.

To enable Kiosk mode

Important: You can only have one kiosk app per device. Normally, ClassroomAPP does not interfere with the MDM agent installed, if any.

  1. Install the APP normally
  2. Restart the device
  3. You may get another popup confirming which APP you want to be the launcher (select ClassroomAPP)
  4. On some devices you may get a settings screen requesting permission to 'Permit drawing over other apps', enable it (very important for Kiosk mode to function properly)
  5. Go back to the App and you are now in Kiosk mode. Next time you start the device the APP will launch automatically in Kiosk mode.

To disable Kiosk mode

You can only disable the kiosk mode temporarily. Click on the user icon on the top right of the menu, click the hamburger menu, then exit kiosk. It will prompt you the admin password. Note that this is only temporary. Next time you return to the app you are back in kiosk mode (this is due to the way Android deals with launchers).

To turn off the device

When in Kiosk mode all access to system dialogs is disabled. To shutdown the device, first click on the power button to get to the lock screen, then press on the power button for 3 - 5 seconds as you normally would.

iPad / iPhone

First, download the app from the App Store. There are two ways to launch ClassroomAPP as a kiosk app on an iOS device:

  1. Guided Access will lock the device onto a single App.
  2. Single App Mode which requires Apple Configurator or an MDM (Mobile Device Management).


Similar to Android, we have two versions of the application. The MSI installer makes all the appropriate registry changes. Please note that the kiosk windows app makes some changes to the system to ensure students can't exit kiosk mode:

  1. Disables the Windows button
  2. Hides the task bar while in kiosk mode
  3. Hides the process manager from the task bar (which is visible when NOT in kiosk mode)
  4. Hides all icons on the desktop (so students cannot start a new app when switching between applications)
  5. Removed all quick launch icons from the taskbar (except MS Mail)

You can exit kiosk mode and access system commands by clicking on the user icon in the menu then the hamburger menu.


When using mobile devices you will need an MDM to control your setup. We can recommend a few or if needed, we can support you by using our own enterprise-grade MDM. Please contact us for more details.


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