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    The main objective of this article is to get you setup so you can trial ClassroomAPP without needing any integration with external systems or student / enrollment data repositories.

    At the top of this article you will find handy links to the installers (so you can easily copy them)


    If you are using ChromeBooks, Windows devices, or Mac Books you can download the Chrome App from the store here

    Note that on Windows and Macs you need to use the Chrome browser to install and run the application. We do have installers for both platforms, see above

    If you are using other platforms (e.g. iPad / Android) please contact us so we can direct you to the right installer


    If you already have accounts (e.g. we generated sample accounts for you with content) skip to the next section

    There are two ways to register, please read both sections to chose the right one.

    Using regular registration

    When you start the application you have at the top of the login page a register button. Please click on it, and enter your information. Please pay attention to entering your role properly. If you make a mistake it's hard to revert (to prevent students changing their roles).

    If you are trialing the app we recommend you use your school / district email as some districts prohibit student information on personal email accounts

    Using Google, MS or Clever

    Click on your provider and login to the application. If it's the first time we see you, we will ask for your role. You can use the same approach for your students (warning them to chose the right role)

    Create your course

    If a course is not already created for you, you need to have at least one course to properly teach your classroom.

    • Click on My Courses from your home panel
    • Click on the + in the menu and chose Course

    You can, of course, rename your course (and its description)

    Registering your students

    We now need to link your students to your courses. Here is how to do it conveniently with codes

    Create Code -- Teacher

    • Make sure you are at your My Courses panel
    • Make sure you are seeing large icons of your courses (not a list) - otherwise click this button in the control panel all the way to the top right
    • Click on the add user button at the top of your course icon
    • Click on Generate Code

    Use Code -- Student

    • After each student logs in, ask them to click on the Code main icon in their home panel
    • Once there, they just enter the code generated in the previous step and complete the confirmation on-screen and they are good to go

    Making sure students are registered

    • From the My Courses panel or within your course (in the control panel top-right), click on the orange button
    • You should see all your students listed here -- as they register this list updates itself automatically

    Next steps

    Now that you are done with your basic setup and your students are in your course, you can start the fun! We recommend you follow the Usage learning path.

    Also, keep an eye on the Updates page to see what are the latest features implemented.


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