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  • Debbie Karcher

    Many of the current portal solutions are legacy systems and require a significant amount of maintenance and system integration. ClassroomAPP streamlines the logon and id management solution and simplify passwords by taking advantage of new sign-on alternatives such as QR codes and biometrics

    Debbie Karcher - Former CTO, Miami Dade

  • Bart Teal

    ClassroomAPP's dashboard for Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence assesses an entire district or state, and allows for strategic decisions into strengths & opportunities. The deep dive into classroom information provides schools with the information needed to improve performance

    Bart Teal - President, Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence

  • Gil Garcia

    ClassroomAPP has given us the confidence that we can meet the very stringent student security demands placed upon us by our schools and districts. Its robust nature not only meets our needs and theirs, but simultaneously gives our clients the ability to render many of their current costly services redundant

    Gil Garcia - CEO Lifelong Learning, former HMH Executive


The complete  platform

ClassroomAPP solves the real issues faced by today's classrooms. Learning Management Systems were invented over 30 years ago as a management tool for homework and content. Technology is now more present, our schools have better tools and our students are more technically-literate.

ClassroomAPP is the product of over 10 years of active research in classrooms with students, teachers, parents and leaders to solve all their technology needs. It is a quantum leap forward to be the tool teachers have been asking for.

Waterfall costs chart

Better and ... cost effective!

Who said better has to cost more. ClassroomAPP gives you big district and large IT department tools out of the box. You will save on maintenance, integration, upgrades, training ... the list goes on. If you have other tools you simply cannot live without, they can be easily integrated in for a seamless experience.

Empower your classroom & instruction now!

Offline Server

No bandwidth?

You are not alone, as the demand for internet bandwidth in the classroom rises many teachers and students experience long delays and disruptions. We have two pieces of good news.

First, ClassroomAPP is designed for today's busy classroom and needs little bandwidth to function.

Second, you have the option of a local server in your school(s) -- much simpler than it sounds! This painless and self-managing server handles all the communication in the classroom. This also means your tests, digital content, assignments ... are all local and blazing fast to access. The server synchronizes online real-time so you can access your content from home.


Real-time reports ... on everything!

ClassroomAPP is the hub of your classroom. This means it can provide you with real-time charts and stats on anything you want. Thanks to an easy-to-use report builder, you can see student performance, standards, content usage, device information, and so on. All built-in from day one!

Empower your classroom & instruction now!