Last update: May 5, 2019

So much was accomplished over the last 10 years ... and yet, there is a lot more to do. Here are our most pressing development targets. We will update this page as milestones are achieved. To see what was achieved recently visit the Updates page in the Docs center.

Complete Gradebook

A gradebook was recently launched (part of our SIS effort) which allows automated grades computation. We now need to add a smart widget to allow teachers more complex computations (e.g. best of, average of tests, etc.)

Discipline / Attendance Module

Within the course, add easily the ability to signal missing students and discipline notices

SIS - Private Schools / Charter Districts

You may have heard, the industry is moving towards a single platform that does it all (and who knows it better than us). We are well underway to add School Information System features into the admin panel of ClassroomAPP. The infrastructure is already there, now it's a question of making it visible with the right forms and reports. Later on we will expand on this project to include SIS features for larger districts.

Extension for ChromeBook and MS Edge

Many high schools would rather not have an application that includes the browser, they want it the other way around. By migrating some of our code into an extension, the browser becomes the holder and ClassroomAPP controls and monitors it. Both platforms are very similar (actually, MS Edge copies ChromeBook APIs) so we can easily re-use the extension on both platforms.

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