Latest Updates

    August 15, 2019: Chrome control extension

    The ClassroomAPP Extension is now ready for production use, via the Chrome Webstore and direct install -- more info in the Extension doc page

    May 5, 2019: Automatic video conversion pushed to production

    Movies uploaded by users are automatically converted to two different formats to support Chrome (WebM) and most recent browsers except Safari, and Safari -- including on mobile (MP4/H264)

    May 4, 2019: Images disambiguation

    ClassroomAPP now intelligently supports opening resources on local (offline) servers and in the cloud automatically. This allows teachers and students to create their content anywhere and not worry about where their content is being viewed

    May 4, 2019: Images included in drawing

    ClassroomAPP now allows images to be included in drawings. Images can come from online sources or user files.

    April 30, 2019: Splitting clients for multiple offline servers

    Districts can now have multiple offline servers for different schools that synchronize only the data of that given school (in the past a district was a contiguous unit, now you can have an infinite number of sublevels)

    April 20, 2019: Added questions to Paper

    Papers can now include literally any time of content. You can include questions, images, drawings etc.

    April 1, 2019: Added fill-in question

    Teachers can now easily create text where students have to drag words to fill-in the blanks


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